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Crabs, Clowns & Cheer-Leaders!

It is important to understand true LOVE for what it is. True Love cannot avoid, but learns, to carefully manage 3 essential types of people in life. They are crabs, clowns and cheer-leaders.

Crabs backbites and climbs your back to meet their own selfish needs at your expense and may leave you damaged while they do so. Clowns amuse themselves by keenly observing your life’s ups and downs and poke fun at you. They are jesters, having no intention of helping you become a success story that you deserve to be. Cheer leaders are those who rout for you and are interested in your wins. They find prospects in you when you are down. They spur you on to achieve victory on your goals. They stop at nothing and pay their own price to see you get to the top of the ladder.

Crabs are useful to keep you agitated and to not settle down in mediocrity. Clowns are needed to internally motivate you so you will not let them have the last laugh over your life-matters. Cheer leaders are your caretakers and caregivers who help to nurse your wounds back when it is needed most in this roller-coaster life. Life is full of mostly crabs and clowns while cheer-leaders are rare to come by.

LOVE does not waste needed energy trying to fight and make enemies out of crabs and clowns. True LOVE pursues higher purposes that makes crabs and clowns recognize that cheer-leading others in their God-assigned areas of strength is a much BETTER and more worthwhile life-venture.
Please choose to not be a crab or clown in your relationships. People around you are aching to be cheered and not to be torn-apart and mocked. Life Is LOVE when you put your life into LOVE!!! Let your own LOVE reign above hate or keeping records of wrong!!!

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