On Fake, False, and Genuine Ministers of God By Faithful Joel

This post was triggered by a conversation I had with someone.

She asked, “is he a fake man of God? “

Answer: The English language permits the use of ‘fake’ and ‘false’ interchangeably, but the adjectives have different meanings when spiritual matters are concerned.

A fake minister of God is somebody who deceives people to swindle them. S/He uses gimmicks to defraud his/her victims. It doesn’t take long before the victims would discover their folly and realize they were swindled.

False ministers of God, on the other hand, are different. The goal of falsehood in the world is not to defraud people but to win them over to the devil’s camp.

False ministers are agents of satan raised and empowered to mislead and enslave humans for the sole purpose of gaining their souls, so supernatural experiences are the baits used to achieve their ultimate goal.

The world is full of problems and challenges and to overcome these numerous problems, a lot of people seek help from different places which include, but not limited to, christian worship centers.

When people seek and receive spiritual help to solve their problems, more often than not we rarely think or the source of power at play. We are more concerned about the positive outcome.

To many people their faith in the supernatural starts and ends with miraculous encounters; thus it is difficult to distinguish genuine miracles (from God Almighty) and miracles wrought by satan through his agents.

A Personal Experience

I was obsessed with a desire to travel to United States many years ago. It happened that a friend asked me to follow him to some place for spiritual assistance to win a councillorship election. On arrival my friend was told that he wanted to contest for a councillorship seat in a different local government council where he didn’t come from. He was instructed to try his luck in his local government council. I was shocked to the bone by the revelation, so I decided to check if the ‘prophet’ would have something to say about me. The first line that came out from his mouth, “the son of man is planning to go overseas, it will delay but it will surely be.”

My mouth was wide opened throughout the episode. My secret life was brought to light. I was not a believer in Christ so there was no discernment or knowledge of divination. I quickly changed my mind about atheism, free thinking, and other stupid ideologies floating in my head at the time.

I continued to visit the place infrequently until one day, two years later, a friend asked me to attend a particular fellowship. I was already sold on miracles and the reality of supernatural powers, so attending a Christian fellowship was no big deal.

My attendance at the fellowship that Thursday evening, June 30th 1994, was the day I encountered the power of God for salvation. I forgot about going overseas. I simply wanted to know God better and be lost in Him. In fact, my only concerned was to suffer for Him if need be (a prophetic hint of my future in Christ).I knew right away that the other place was not of God. The knowledge came inwardly – my first stint with the gift of discernment. It was after my salvation experience and cutting off from the false prophets that my path became clear. The Lord began to reveal to me my future life and I no longer have to depend on ‘prophets’ to know God’s will for my life.

The Difference

False ministers emphasize miracles and the good life. They are not concerned about spiritual growth, holiness, or soul winning. They subconsciously want people to depend on them. In a nutshell, drawing souls into the devil’s camp by miracles is the ultimate goal of false ministers, instead of repentance towards GOD and personal relationship with HIM.

Genuine ministers of God, however, know that a miracle from God is a STEP by God to draw souls into intimate fellowship with Himself, so a supernatural encounter is not the end in itself.

Many years later as I am going to reveal later, my stints at the false gathering posed a serious problem for me. Every deliberate and unknown covenant with satan will eventually result in problems for people if or when they eventually discover the ONLY TRUE GOD!

Faithful Joel is a Believer In Pursuit of Divine Nature through Christ Jesus. He can be reached through his Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/faithful.joel.

Faithful Joel

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