Dreams Are Real?

Understanding Meaning Of Your Dreams?


Dreams are real. They are divine transmissions to help us unpack past, present and future events of our lives. Interpreting dreams can be delicate & tricky. Like I shared few days ago, if you entrust your dreams to the wrong person for interpretation, you could end up attracting the wrong vibes that could mess up what could have become a blessing to you.

When Joseph shared his dreams with his innermost circle of influence, his parents & siblings, they immediately interpreted from egoistic standpoints that made them treat Joseph miserably. They isolated him from family foundation, pushed him from pit into hands of enemy forces and slavery. Joseph did not pray to kill or destroy them with “fire of the Holy Ghost.” He instead endured the afflictions & saved each one of them “enemies” from starvation & early death.

The family members like many spiritual leaders today, especially self-asserting deliverance ministers, inserted themselves and personal desires into the meaning & interpretation of Joseph’s dreams. They reasoned secretly in their convoluted brains – are you (Joseph) really going to be superior to us and we will be lower than you in status? We will never allow you become our leader! We will rather destroy you than make your dream come to light of day.

Here are some of my own dreams, that came about, as I said in earlier write-up that had “nothing to do with nothing”.

1. I saw tigers roaming around me freely, doing there own business. But, I was fearful in the dream and tirelessly sought safe space before they got interested in harming or hurting me. When I got on a high fence that I thought I was safe, one or two appeared on the high wall. I somehow finally got myself in a room where I felt more secure. Suddenly someone came around & left the door open.

2. I often found myself climb into extreme heights and when I felt like coming down it was like almost impossible to do so. At such points I always panicked in the dream.

3. Several times over many years I would find myself in classroom doing exam or tests that I somehow was unable to complete or finish up on time. Not only was I unable to get the tests done in the dream, I would wake up frustrated on why I was like forced in the dream to not be able to finish within stipulated time nor pass the exam.Regardless of what many negative-minded dream experts may decode, I have since found my own meaning for the above to be as follows.

1. Tigers in a dream represents strong will, courage & self-determination. MEANING? I was surrounded by people of strong will, courage & determination who would not necessarily accept me or what I stood for & they could easily attack me at will. In the dream they were roaming freely. THEN WHAT? The nature of my calling and life assignment was to confront people who mostly have such above characteristics. My biggest assignment is to help leaders tame their natural wildness & unyieldedness to Bible standard. MY FEAR IN THE DREAM? I was always privately seeking God’s face on why people were not as yielded to my ministry as I wished. GOD’S ANSWER? He gave me dreams of what I should expect from people. Not an easy life-assignment!

2. High heights symbolized the high standard that I often mounted & expected to find many others or crowds there. TRUTH FROM DREAM? It is DANGEROUSLY LONELY AT THE TOP! And DO NOT TRY TO COME DOWN LOWER FROM THE HEIGHTS OF GOD’S ASSIGNMENT NO MATTER HOW OTHERS REFUSE TO CLIMB ALONG! Eagles are always daring to climb dangerous heights. Jesus, Moses, Elijah etc did not only demand impossibly high standard from people, they literally got closer to God at high mountain heights.

3. I found out that God used the third dream to warn me every time I became SLACK or negligent! Years ago, I was taught by the Holy Spirit that I should respect seed, time & harvest. If I needed anything, I should plant the seed and stop crying to heaven to meet my material needs. I was told that it takes about 3 months for a seed of corn to produce a harvest of more corns. And other produces have their own different times before harvest. MEANING? The earlier I put in effort at the outcome I needed, the earlier the harvest clock begins to count. I OFTEN FORGOT THAT LESSON and would soon start crying to heaven for solutions that depended on how quickly I took practical steps. MEANING OF DREAM AGAIN? Olanrewaju, if you do not obey instruction or take necessary steps soon enough, you will fail like in the dream!

Some people will not agree with the above interpretations. They may think it is the enemies of my father’s or mother’s household tormenting me & I needed deliverance (meaning, I need demons cast out of me). Well, that will be there own cup of tea. Everyone need deliverance, including self-indulging deliverance ministers, from one or any of the following:

1. Obsessions – mindset problems

2. Oppression – where the human body is physically situated problems

3. Possession – an unclean human-spirit problem

Absorbing the word of God delivers. Saturating heart & soul-environment with the presence & power of the Holy Spirit delivers. Personally resisting devils through personal engagement of authority in Christ delivers.

Allowing a genuine & more authoritative minister to pray for you delivers.
The essence of church-service attendance was to help (wild-tiger) people transform into matured sons & daughters of God by allowing the workings of the Holy Spirit to produce Galatian 5:16,22 spiritual fruits of salvation in their physical lives.

I will continue this writing here if there are enough likes, shares, questions & contributions. Thanks for reading. PLEASE HELP ME SHARE! I am available to help if you need to sort out meanings of your dreams.

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You Take Dreams Seriously?

Do You Take Dreams Seriously?

In the last days of 2019, I had spiritual directions to talk to people more about Order & Dreams in 2020. Dreams are given to all people, “saved” or “unsaved”, “Christians” or not. They are given to influence order in life matters.

Order is instruction, commandment, prioritized guidelines, accurate arrangement of things, execution of judgment, decision from authorities or authoritative persons, preset ranks, hierarchies & protocols, etc. From Genesis chapter one verse one to Revelations chapter twenty-two verse twenty-one, God, Prophets, JESUS, apostles and all other God’s emissaries worked to introduce or reintroduce order back in our lives, world, and communities. Taking dreams seriously can put lives back in divine order.

When God wants to bring order to a life or society, he reveals his divine plan through symbolic dreams. Abram was granted dreams of restoration that will happen 400 years ahead. Daniel had world government symbolic dreams. Nebuchadnezzar had dreams. In the New Testament, there were other divine encounters like trance, visions & revelations. They worked almost exactly like dreams. They were given to provide insights, instructions, guidance, directions and so on and so forth.

People need to take dreams more seriously. Dreams are not easy to interpret. Like many have done with symbols of the supernatural writings in the book of Revelation in the Bible, dreams can be mangled up and its positive possibilities can be missed regardless.

Dreams can convey1. Predestined plans that cannot be altered2. Warnings of what to prayerfully avoid 3. Whispers on how to apply wisdom4. Insightful explanation of confusing life events, etc.

I have had many kinds of dreams. Some I remember vividly as soon as I wake up, others are not so. Some were hidden away as soon as I woke. Some materialized only when it becomes a deja vu moment. (that is I remember as soon as what I dreamed about is playing out and I can literally predict the next few seconds of what I had seen.)

Prior to getting to America I had dreamed and seen myself at my sister’s family house. When I finally got there, it was exactly as I had seen it in the dream.

I once dreamed about a Pastor’s wife and warned her how she should not let a particular young man visit their matrimonial home so she would avoid the consequences of what was seen in the dream. Like many women who defy voice of authority on purpose, the woman did not only allow visits, the young man became her closest ally, the church member was allowed to sleep in the home for days (“with good reasons”). Of course the boy had access to the matrimonial bedroom too. Now, there was no proof of sexual relationship, but that marriage is broken down and over today. I knew for a fact that taking that dream more seriously could have aborted that marriage failure.

I was helping a particular church during my missionary journey to New York some years ago. This church would have only about 4 or 5 people during weekly services and probably about 20 when all relations and families of those come together on Sunday. As I worked with the church, a special event was planned not before too long. As this program was approaching and prayerful preparations were ongoing, I had a dream about serpents that could not be numbered at that church’s doors. It was not a usual dream. I threw something like stone at them to see if I could harm or scare them during the dream. The effort had no effect whatsoever. I did not understand the exact meaning of the dream but I prayed hard. I also asked a senior colleague for the meaning but I was not sure that the interpretation given by the colleague was right. So I took it up in more serious prayers. Negative implication from dreams do not have to be allowed to happen. Quick praying and positive actions can reverse evils predicted by some dreams. The event at the church went extremely well. A particular lady manifested like she had marine spirits using her and tried to disrupt some aspect of the meetings but otherwise, that church packed every available space with people occupying everywhere jam-packed with additional seats, and some were still standing. The tiny congregation church had a highly successful meeting like they never had prior and never again since then. I believe appropriate action staved off more demonic opposition from that church, for a season.

During years when I was lagging behind in getting married, I used to dream of myself getting wedded. At other times I would find out in dreams that I had 2 boys and 1 girl. The dreams reoccurred several times and I would wake up glad that I would soon get started to have those dreams in reality. At a point after many years of waiting and the dreams would not materialize, I sought the face of God. It was then that I was given spiritual insight and I realized that dreams can be the enemy’s ways of keeping real life needs trapped in spiritual dream world. Just as God uses dreams, so can evil powers. That I dreamed about those things were no indication that they would happen AUTOMATICALLY in real life. I was directed by the Holy Spirit to pray in certain ways to CONVERT things I enjoyed in dreams into real life. It was not too long after obeying to offer persistent prayers about those dreams before they were naturally realized. Many people are rich, spends lots of money and see success in their dreams but experience otherwise in physical life. Dreams have to be taken seriously. Some dreams should trigger you to engage in spiritual warfare. Some dreams should get you into intercession prayers if you take the dreams seriously.

I will tell more about my dreams and how I used them to create present order. You need to take your dreams seriously. You can reach me inbox, if you need some help with your dreams. PLEASE SHARE!

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Olan Elujoba

Freedom is Not Free

Be Careful!! Freedom is Not So Free!!!

Many arguments have been canvassed by many who would want to live as they please because of the subject of liberty or freedom… While one would not want to enter into legalistic discussion on this, it is however pertinent that those who believe in our LORD JESUS Christ be informed that there is no free FREEDOM anywhere. Every freedom has a price tag to it and ULTIMATELY its account shall be sought!

The original author of freedom is not any man or earthly nation, it is God! God gave Adam liberty and freedom of choice, actions and attitudes. Adam got all things for free EXCEPT for certain instruction and loving-limits… And till today God has not changed His mind… He gives us freedom within loving-limits!!!

Even in the nation that propagates civil liberties & individual rights, several laws, restrictions, terms & conditions apply to practically every facet of its life & living. One out of three arms of democratic governments are fully-devoted to scripting regulations/laws for regulating lives/lifestyles & living within her borders… Plus, when the message of freedom is taken to other nations, it is silently prized and arm-twisting conditions are often imposed behind the scenes.

Also, when certain telecommunication networks give people “unlimited” this and that, they put the limitations in tiny prints, waiting for when to apply it when least expected.

Many in Christiandom are today laden, deceived & beguiled by commercialized messages of “living as you please” by profiteering “apostles” who refuse to state that there is no GRACE without TRUTH! True Grace was born by TRUTH, and true Grace is BALANCED by TRUTH!

Believers do not have unfettered liberties to live as they selfishly feel and fleshly wish, we have been curtailed in actions & manners by the written words of God! We have powers of choice INDEED, but our choices will lead to LIFE or DEATH and so are curtailed by counsels, instructions and admonitions to DO & live right!

In other words, your FREE choices are laden with divine benefits or eternally damning consequences. Many who have exercised FREE liberties are licking after-effects emotional wounds, guilt, anxieties, and some are sometimes already experiencing hell on earth! This is writing is not in any way asking or suggesting to anyone to live by any human dictate, it is a word of caution for people to seek to live as expected by Biblical words of God!

Some races & nations are “enjoying” freedoms today because of some lives whose bloods have been shed… However, free as such freedoms may seem, a closer look will show that such freedoms are still plagued and costing!

Workplaces allow you freedoms within certain limits. Even the freedom-peddling governments of this world tell you legal limits on what age to drive a motor vehicle, where to drive, how & where to build certain kinds of houses (building codes), where to practice religion & where not to; how much alcohol to consume; how to be recognized as married or unmarried; who you can have sex with or not; how to behave to others, etc… For that reason many regularly adapt their lives & lifestyles so as not to face the wrath of LAWS of men… We are quick to adjust to government laws but are being deceived not to live by laws of God…

It is a lie to say we are not any longer under BIBLICAL laws… Such assertions are popular over-stated half-truths twisted out of Biblical context… It’s just that JESUS Christ gave us a NEW law, which is different from the JEWISH laws! He gave us a different set of standards, expectations or laws! That is why we separate Bibles into two! Old Testament & New Testament MEANING: OLD LAWS & NEW LAWS: or if you prefer not to use the word “law”, then the bible is split into OLD REQUIREMENTS & STANDARD! & NEW REQUIREMENTS & STANDARD!!!(READ YOUR BIBLE PLSSSSS!) Any people who refuse to live by Biblical Requirement & Standard will in time be hunted down by consequences of their ungodly FREE choices. …

The consequence of unbridled liberties is why many folks will go to Church to pick & select what a God-ordained Church leader can tell or not tell them… Of course charlatans & ministry hirelings ubiquitously available & are always waiting across the roads (if not on the next floor of the same worship buildings) to willingly offer “customer/customerized services” to those straying souls who would soon move on & on to the next new fanciful smooth-talking “minister” whom they would end up using & dumping sooner or later, again.

Being in Christ JESUS does not give us liberty of any kind & every type of behavior… A true believer’s behavioral pattern is written for us to find out in God’s words… Indeed we will never be able to DO enough – in the flesh – to qualify and satisfy all requirements of God. This is why JESUS by HIS shed blood at Calvary and by the New Testament/Covenant changed the order from DOING to BEING first!That is to say that you will DO your BEING… Essentially, you are what you DO… (By your fruits we know who you truly are)… BUT, if you change your BEING, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT your DOINGs (actions) will align with the nature of God in your BEING!!! By a newly recreated born again human spirit in a man or woman, one can walk, live & overcome all things in life, together with the resident HOLY SPIRIT! -By the way, we ought to remember that every covenant has a part for each party to play or DO! –

Many believers today are deceived to think “I can live as I please” “nobody can teach me how to live my life” “No Pastor has any right to tell me how to live my life” blah blah blah… (my advise?? Go tell that attitude to the marines…hahaha). Many uncultivable folks, who lived as they pleased, and that did not need teaching from anyone, are learning tougher life-lessons behind well-guarded prison & jail walls… (no disrespect intended to such people, just saying..)

The nations that allowed children to live as they pleased are reaping the fruits 30, 40, 50 years down the line now… And more evil fruits are still on the way except there is REPENTANCE!
If you are indeed in Christ JESUS, understand that Believers are not allowed to live as they please; they are to live to please God through our Lord JESUS Christ, and that shall be seen by people!!! Lights of God are not self-serving, neither are Godly salts! True Christianity is a life that pleases God & it is often so-acknowledged by men (& women, i.e. people) who observe manifesting Christlike fruits!

The Church of Christ was instituted to TEACH & DISCIPLE nations, not just for merry-making and fashion parades… After resurrection, JESUS Christ did not send his ministers to go, pray & prophesy to nations, he said to TEACH, BAPTIZE & DISCIPLE people & nations… Teach what?? Teach JESUS’ COMMANDMENTS! Teach JESUS’ DOCTRINE! Teach JESUS’ KINGDOM PRINCIPLES! Teach JESUS’ lifestyle!!! Teach New Testament LifeStyle!!!

There is nothing wrong in prayers & prophecies; it is part of the New Testament realities… What is wrong is when the noble ministries are carried out, out of eye/men-pleasing and for commercial interests. Commercialized praying and prophecy have become HUGE revenue-earners for the masters of the tricks & gimmicks, making many unwilling to face the actual tasks of soul-winning & soul-building… The first believers in Antioch were called CHRISTIANS because of a taught & learned DIFFERENT way & manner of LIFE & lifestyle.

True ministers of Christ are sent to MOLD lifestyles, not just gather crowds & make money! They are to influence forming of Godly Characters and not just dance to ungodly tunes that play out each day! The Church is busy FOLLOWING the world in worldliness, instead of leading in righteousness, inventions and divine working ideas!

Do not join the gangs who are on rampage for FREE freedom and religious entertainments instead of MINISTRY… Religious entertainment celebrates religious leaders while true Ministry celebrates JESUS CHRIST as ALL in ALL! Celebrating religious caricatures is not only happening now, it was the same in the days of JESUS!

If you do not remember or like anything in this writing, remember this… freedom is not free… Sooner or later you will have to answer and account for every bit of “free” FREEDOM enjoyed!!! If you do not regretfully answer to yourself in time, you might have to answer to husband, wife, parent, family, society or government, but DEFINITELY, every one of us will answer to God at the end of some day!

Ooops! Lord I’ve done what you said to do ooo, no one can say that I did not tell them sooo!

Make una no say dem no tell you sooo!!(pidging English) hahahaha… JESUS CHRIST ALONE is LORD forever more! AMEN & AMEN!

You Understand Your Dreams?

Do You Understand Your Dreams?

I have had the privilege of benefiting from definitive dreams. Definitive dreams are those that I had and I knew they had nothing to do with nothing. They kind of came “out of the blues.”

Some dreams are a replay of foreboding events. That is you dreamed the dream because your thought was already fearfully preoccupied along the subject line.

Some dreams are directly tied to the discomfort you have while sleeping.

You may eat in your dream if you craved to eat before sleeping.
You may have sexual dreams since you are predisposed to pornography and its materials. Maybe you naturally sexually undress people in your mind.

I have often had dreams in line with the following:
Climbing heights that seem impossible to come down from
Inability to complete tests or examination within stipulated time
Tigers prowling around no matter how I try to avoid them
Insane people responding to invitation call during fasting & praying for a special ministry event.

(I already researched and know meanings and interpretations of the above. I will throw light on them. There are more dreams that I will talk about in subsequent writings.)

I am aware that some deliverance ministers will take your dreams and create an atmosphere that you are afflicted and need deliverance, meaning that there is a demon in you that must be cast out of you. Some will declare you a witch or wizard when you fly like a bird in your dream. Deliverance is an overstated or overused word by some in faith circles. Some have thrived on feeding people’s emotions with heretical stories on how to blame family/household members for their woes.

Deliverance means that you are freed from a power that has a firm grip on you, most likely beyond your control. Everybody needs one form of deliverance or the other, from time to time. That includes the self-exalting deliverance ministers. Many of them are so obsessed, possessive and oppressive.

There are 3 ways you may be under a control that you cannot break free from by yourself and may need a more spiritual person to help you out. Life would be more meaningful when each one receive deliverance from his or her own specific stronghold. No matter what level a minister or believer attain spiritually, deliverance would be needed from one or two of three areas. These are the 3 areas that everyone may need deliverance.

it could be from an oppression
it could be from an obsession
it could be from a possession

Oppression is external and territorial.

Obsession is mental. It could be insanity, compulsive habit, or culturally rigid but incorrect view point.

Possession is rare. Possession is when a demon or demons resides in someone.

Oppression can be overcome by a change of territory, overcoming the dictatorial ingrained forces of your environment, or standing out as a new force to be reckoned with in your environment, society or community. Family member may oppress you. So could your pastor, governor, president, son, daughter, husband or wife.

Obsession can be overcome by constantly renewing your mind. Adjusting your traditional views. Accepting new behaviors. Forcing yourself to yield to help and assistance from those who truly care. The most important assignment of church attendance is to relieve people of their obsessions. Everyone is obsessed in one way or another. Obsession has its roots in how your mind was falsely fed and concreted with falsehoods that you accepted as complete truths.

Possession is difficult to overcome. No human being is possessed without the willful acceptance of the possessed. A possessed person may only be helped if the possessed himself or herself cooperates with a spiritual authority, to evict the demon or demons in him or her.

You can be delivered by allowing God’s word influence a change in your mindset. You can be delivered by saturating your environment with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. You can be delivered when you walk by faith, walk in the Spirit, exercise divine authority, and, when you produce fruits of your salvation.

I will continue this writing here if there are enough likes, shares, questions & contributions. Thanks for reading.

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Integrity Of A Witness

The Integrity Of A Witness Is Found In The Lifestyle!

The fruit of Christianity is not in material acquisitions and selfish posturing… the fruit of Christianity is in how each disciple or believer use Grace to CHANGE lives and INCREASE Christ’s Kingdom in their sphere of influence!

The integrity of a true believer is not found in mere words of beliefs, it is rather found in the testimony of the CHANGED messenger whose former messed-up life BECOMES a message for saving & transforming other lives on Christ’s behalf!

The integrity of any true WITNESS is undergirded by CREDIBLE lifestyle! How can anyone WITNESS Christ effectively without being CHRISTLIKE! You might want to tell the world that it’s not about you all you like, that it is all about Christ & His works. .. Yet the world that we live in today is not as interested in our 2000+ years old Bible stories as they are more interested in your personal story… You are the Bible that many want to read before they believe!

Are you really representing Christ???

Much Love!

Bishop Olan Elujoba


Compromise may have become an acceptable standard in the world, especially within political systems, BUT, it certainly remains unacceptable to God. Compromising Bible standard remains the number one destroyer of God’s WILL among God’s people today, especially those HIS saints that have been given Kingdom Assignments. Compromise is the gray area between TRUTH & LIES!

Compromise is a conjoining of half of a truth with half of a lie! There is so much compromise of Bible TRUTHs today that it seems that most people believe more in compromised-Truths than absolute-TRUTHs!

In making compromises people bend over to accept the unacceptable. Some Church leaders will compromise telling the whole truth, inadvertently hurting God’s absolute truth. Many church goers compromise what they know to be Biblical truth while hiding behind popular excuses that allows indulging in sins & selfishness, shaming the gospel of Christ with hypocrisy & double standard.

Biblical depictions of God and his expectation of HIS sinners-turned-into-saints believers showed that with HIM is either YES or NO! There is nothing like “maybe” with God. God is not involved in political correctness… Meanwhile, in few Biblical events where God “accepted to compromise” to do what mankind dictated, it always ended with perilous consequences on man’s accounts…

Whenever God overlooked and seemed to “compromisingly” accept man’s insistence, in the short run, man runs free, having his/her ways. BUT, in the longer run, HE ends up punishing man’s stubborn will, insisting on & having HIS OWN WAYS ultimately! That God accommodates our compromises in the short run is no indicator of His approval of our ways… He only gives us more time to get-things-right!

Even JESUS sought a compromise for the cup to Passover before He finally submitted to God’s will! THAT IS WHAT A CROSS IS… HAVING TO ENDURE THE INCONVENIENT BECAUSE GOD WANTS IT TO BE SO! That JESUS still carried & died on the cross for the sins of mankind was a great example of crossing crossroads of compromising. Like each one of us today, JESUS had the power of choice to renege on carrying on with God-inspired WILL/CROSS. God’s will is usually a cross that is almost never convenient!

Every Believer has been told to carry his or her own cross & FOLLOW after JESUS example. We may not have to endure a cross in the literal sense as some early disciples/apostles did, but there is no doubt that we will be faced with compromising situations and circumstances when we either endure our own “cross” or compromise and put the Cross of Christ to shame again!

True Christianity is still for carrying “crosses” for Christ (not jewelry crosses)! The place of tempting compromises should always be turned into a place of choosing to hang in there, carrying one’s cross in Christ rather than choosing the more comfortable convenience of excuses, satisfying SELF or satisfyingly pleasing men (&women)! WHENEVER COMPROMISE IS ACCOMMODATED INSTEAD OF ABSOLUTE BIBLICAL TRUTH, THE EXPECTED ACCOMPANYING DEMONSTRATION OF CHRIST’S RESURRECTION POWER IS HINDERED FROM BEING CELEBRATED AND IS SABOTAGED…

There are many who live continually in deliberate compromises. They are the ones who hate and feel judged by absolute truths… They would rather give excuses and perambulate about how there are no new crosses to carry in Christ! THOSE WHO COMPROMISE THE FULL GOSPEL LOVE TO ONLY TELL ABOUT THE “GOODIES” IN CHRIST!

We all know that itchy ears cannot tolerate and hate to be taught about carrying Kingdom crosses! Like apostle Paul who needed GRACE to bear a God-permitted “thorn in the flesh”, every believer can ask God for GRACE to endure whatever “cross” they have to carry because of God’s WILL…


Just like JESUS, many believers would have to carry their own “crosses”, facing their own red seas or instead they shall remain under oppression of their Biblical Egypt. Crosses have to be carried to cross from failure to Biblical triumph. Crosses are carried to cross from alone-ness in ministry to having many sons & daughters of faith… crosses must be carried to cross from man-made defeat to God-made victory. And crosses have to be carried to cross from earthly death unto eternal life!

Olan Elujoba

Have you ever carried any cross in Christ? Are you carrying any cross for Christ?? Are you willing to carry crosses for Christ? Every true believer has a cross to carry for Christ! Compromise is not what Christ sent us to perfect, His lighter Cross is what he has assigned for each one of us to carry in HIS name and to the ends of the earth…

Embrace your God assigned cross, if you have one & carry it diligently without compromising UNTIL HE says WELL-DONE!!! Shalom!
Much Love!

Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion

Differences Between Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion.

(Quite Some Lines To Read. Please READ THROUGH CAREFULLY. It Will Help YOU!)

Belief is a body of information that a MIND is RIGIDLY SET on, rightly & wrongly. Conviction is belief transmitted from head-knowledge into a heart-based action-ready-mode. Many have fixed mindsets on beliefs they do not necessarily practice in face of life situational confrontations. Faith is right conviction that currently & actively defy contradictions in direct moment-by-moment partnership with God. God desires people who are full of faith or are faithful to LIVE BY FAITH!

Wrong beliefs that leads to wrong convictions & wrong actions births religion. Religion can also be based on right beliefs & conviction but lacking current interaction & engagement with God by His Holy Spirit. It is impossible to please God without right belief. Endeavor To Please God! Many church-goers operate in the flesh and not by Spirit-led faith. Faith is action-steps engaged because of inner conviction.

“Without active faith, it is impossible to please God.” Heb 11:6 “So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” Romans 8:6.

Faith is strengthened and grown by feeding on right spiritual facts. The more time a Christian spends on feeding on & digesting Gods words by the help of the Holy Spirit, the easier it gets to be propelled by deep-seated assurance of strong personal faith and not by presumptions.

Faith engages body of beliefs to practically seek a yet-to-be-seen impossible solution regardless of facts that are up in arms against it.

Faith is always seeking a premeditated change. It relies on unseen spiritual insight & guidance & patiently waits for the evidently seen to be overcome by the expected physically unseen.

“that ye may not become slothful, but followers of those who through faith and patient endurance are inheriting the promises.” Hebrews 6:12. Young’s Literal Translation

Faith is initiated in the heart of one who choose to act on God’s ability, knocks on God’s doors for divine-enabled answers, and waits on God for rigid physical circumstances to turnaround into a new testimony and miracle.

Bible faith keeps trudging on a lonely path to work out a change even when physical information or facts insists that it will not add up. The woman with more than a decade issue of blood problem, collected her miracle by personally motivated and inspired faith.

“And Jesus told the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Luke 7:50

Faith is spiritual insight that actively relies on God supplying desired outcome. Faith actively waits on internal guidance and takes bold steps throughout moments of hope, expectancy & turnaround.

Faith is not needed when expected outcomes are naturally certain. Faith does not underestimate physical facts, rather, it insists on superior supernatural facts derived from need for change, fired-up by right belief and convictions.

Faith is a human acting sensually foolish but with certain inner trust and continued assurance that God will show up with supernatural parts to what is hoped for.

“Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us[a] from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” Daniel 3:16-20 New International Version (NIV)

Faith is incomplete when it is all about what a human can accomplish without room for what God should add to the belief, conviction & faith equation.

Faith is usually a dangerous risky endeavor that only God’s answer or response can diffuse and turn into testimonies or miracle for the faith-actor.

Faith is not commonplace. It swims against natural inclinations for the most part. It can pitch its operator against friends, families and colleagues who most times would turn themselves into arch enemies.

Faith is a personal responsibility & engagement of divinity in human activity. Since it is rarely a secret engagement it will usually raise wrath of other close-by folks who will be intimidated, embarrassed or unhappy because of exposure of own lack of convictions.

“And Jesus said to the man, “Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.” Luke 17:19 New Living Translation

Faith does not leave things to chance and ask God to fix things. Rather, it actively takes steps based on spiritually & scripture-ascertained information on what God already promised and assured that He will do.

Faith takes the promissory word of God on its face value and for what it is, and takes steps ahead of physical manifestation of the promise.

“Now Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the settlers of Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the LORD, the God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, surely there shall be neither dew nor rain these years, except by my word.” 1 Kings 17:1 New American Standard Bible

Faith is personal and not a follow-follow reaction to what others in religious believing-crowds are engaging in. Faith is engaged-in INTENTIONALLY, for moments of necessities.

Religion is the fake-faith or false-faith that engages automatic repetitive means & permanent ritualistic methods that are assumed to please God permanently.

Faith is a forward-leaning current daily/weekly engagement with God. It seeks to be current with God’s mind as they may be freshly revealed.

Religion is backward-leaning and is always trusting to repeat past traditions that once made God respond to man’s needs. God desires daily 2-way, heaven-earth, interactions with each one of those who believe in Him. He is known to change his modus-operandi from time to time and is NOT RIGID in mathematically repeating traditions. King David in the Bible never assumed battle strategies without consulting the oracles of God. He always asked and got divine directions for EACH day & battle. God’s answers to him were not always the same regardless that his situations or circumstances were very similar. Also, JESUS sought God’s face in prayers & fellowship, DAILY. Apostle Paul did not assume he could put God in a mold inspite of the fact he was extremely close to God.

“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14 King James Version (KJV)


While believers (those with mind set on specific beliefs) are in billions of population numbers, those with conviction (who are ready to stand up to faithfully resist contrary beliefs) are far in between numbers, and, people of faith (those who would pay some spiritual price and make necessary “sacrifices” like being labelled extreme, being outcasted for choosing to stand out, punished for spiritual choices, etc), are rare to find.

Where are you regarding belief, conviction, faith or religion? I am personally not interested in traditional beliefs/religioon. I am keen on having a lively faith in Christ JESUS and in relating with Him, freshly, daily. I have always leaned on faith for material, biological & spiritual provisions more than physical world promises. I have tried my best to get most of my Christian livelihood, results and testimonies by staying firm with my convictions. I want to always be found hanging-in-there on daily faith and trust in a living God rather than in what is physically available by evil-propelled corrupted compromising systems here on earth.

“It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.” Hebrew 11:6 The Message Bible

I encourage you to personally grow your faith in the LORD JESUS Christ. I am available to help those who may be interested. I can be reached inbox here on FB Messenger or by email to bishopolaa@yahoo.com. May God bless you more & MORE!

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