10 Practical Steps On How To Make It Big In Church BUSINESS By Sam Chiaka

(10 practical steps)

1. Use scriptures in your preaching to magnify the activities of Satan but never mention that Jesus conquered him and that the believer is no longer in his domain.

2. Use prophecy to create problems which doesn’t exist for your listeners. Use it to make them superstitious and suspicious even about their family members and friends. That’ll make them never trust or listen to anyone else but you. If you can achieve that, then no one can talk them out of following you. They’ll see you as their messiah. It works like magic.

3. Don’t focus on Jesus, rather use exaggerated testimonies of other people you have prayed for before in your preaching (whether real or imaginative) to convince them and to make them believe that their miracle or breakthrough can only be found when they come to your ministry or connect to your anointing by sowing dangerous seeds.

4. Use prayer sessions and convert it to warfare sessions and while you’re at it, invent spirits that don’t exist and be warring against them in your prayers. Cobweb spirit, backsliding spirit, follow-follow spirit, spirit of monkey, spirit of Buffalo, anything, just be creative.

5. Give them the mic and sufficient time on Sunday in church to testify and ensure they clearly state that their miracle came when daddy (i.e you) conducted deliverance for them or when they dropped a dangerous seed. Make a big deal of such testimonies because people enjoy stories more than hearing the teaching of the word of God. Ensure also that this testimony is accompanied with a reasonable testimony seed.

6. Ensure you use big titles and heavy body guards. Make sure you’re not just simply called any ministry gift but you must make it complex like, major prophet, general apostle, etc and ensure you have a hype-man hailing you to prophetlie, sorry, prophecy. This way, you make yourself larger than life so that even the mention of your name will instill fear in your followers.

7. You can also sell powerful spiritual stuffs to boost the money flow as long as you can convince them that those things are powerful to protect and prosper them. You can sell Jerusalem holy water, Lot’s wife salt, special anointing oil, mustard seeds, mantles and handkerchiefs. You will surely make it.

8. Don’t forget to make a show of holiness. Preach in a way that the people will be condemned for their sin and portray yourself as super holy. Build an altar in front of the church auditorium around where you sit that separates you from them all, try to be spooky as often as you can. People will almost worship you and they’ll never suspect you are making merchandise of them.

9. When you have made it big, you can try to salve your conscience by sharing food every month to the poor and do other humanitarian stuffs. Make sure you cover it all with camera and photographs and let the recipients sing your praises before the camera. You’ll feel better with yourself and people will applaud you. You’ll become totally untouchable.

10. Use curses to threaten anyone who challenges your authority. Tell many fearful stories of those you have cursed before and how much they suffered for daring you. Do these repeatedly in order to keep them as permanent customers. Don’t worry, if you play your game well, they will bring their family and friends too. And your ministry will be able to move to the permanent site.

But just remember, you will stand alone before the judgement seat of Christ and you will give account of all you did in the earth using His name.

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