5 Reasons Men & Women Don’t Mix Easy

Some reasons why men and women do not mix easily in relationship includes the facts that their:

  1. Mental Worldview is primarily different
  2. Sexual expectations are opposites
  3. Approach to Life Assignments Vary & not easily alike
  4. Bottom-lines are not usually the same
  5. Spiritual Sensitivity Are Poles Apart

That is why humility, wisdom & maturity are importantly required to foster unity in every relationship. These qualities do not just come by will-power but by disciplined learning and understanding of true LOVE, which is primarily spiritual. Spiritual LOVE delivers needed keys that makes such uncommon qualities to be cheaply available. JESUS Christ came for the sole reason of exemplifying true LOVE as a basis for improving relationships.


Symptoms of Immaturity – Immature Ones Are Always Easily UPSET!

  • Unable to accept a principled stand against own false actions, habit, tradition, crazy custom and wrongly upheld crowd-mentality-culturing
  • Pettiness and being easily provoked by contrary pronouncements, views, opinions or painful rebuke
  • Status-consciousness – always age/accomplishment/gender-conscious with competitive self-comparison
  • Emotional negative sensitivity to receiving any form of correction because tone and tact are more important than adjusting to confrontational truths
  • Taking most issues too personal because of inability to separate principled stands from personal attacks


Signs of Maturity – Matured Ones Disciplines/Seasons Self With WISDOM

WISDOM engages:

  • Willingness to wait patiently on opposition with anticipation of, soonest, better understanding
  • Intimate interest in working differences towards possible agreeable central theme
  • Solving issues and problems while avoiding emotional upheavals
  • Daring to discuss thorny issues by being level-headed
  • Offering options and positions for accommodating other provocative positions
  • Minimizing offences by picking truthful words while staying afloat of turbulent rhetoric


IMMATURE Actions Includes:

  • Impulsive Intolerant insistence on own ways and views ALONE
  • Miscalculating & Maintaining of detrimental rigid standpoints
  • Moribund ”Milking” of points only for self-centered opinionated arguments
  • Arrogantly antagonizing another, with prejudiced positions, just for the fun of it
  • Temper-tantrum deployment as a regular tool, used for maximum manipulation
  • Unwillingness and inability to focus on ultimate mutual overall goals and bigger picture
  • Repeats of habits and mistakes that produces unproductive outcomes all the time
  • Embarrassing others just to make self the “front and center” of most matters.


MATURE Relationship Reactions Includes:

  • Maintaining positive merciful posture that is pre-calculated for hopeful achievement of mutual peace and progress
  • Actively engaging in thoughtful actions that is calculated to produce acceptable outcomes
  • Temperately training self to be sound in controlled use of words that will more easily achieve purposed end goals
  • Unwilling to allow less than best possibilities hold sway in interactions
  • Re-affirms others and smartly disarms from toxic tendencies
  • Experience is amassed and properly deployed to encourage easy conflict resolutions.


You may want to ask for divine HELP since none of us was born with enough humility, wisdom or maturity from our mother’s womb. I would personally pray as follows:

LORD Jesus, I ask that you will fill my heart with supernatural LOVE ability. I do not want to be taken for granted in my intimate relationship. I do not want to be taken undue advantage of. I therefore ask to you come in my heart and teach me to enjoy life and my important relationships. I would like to be a worthy example of a true lover. Please make that possible for me. I pray that you will touch hearts of people around me. Please give such ones ability to receive and reciprocate true love towards me also. In JESUS name I prayed. Amen.


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