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Overcoming Marriage Destroying Demons

Anything that is not born of the Spirit of God and is not an angel, can be called demon or demonic. And the following are demons that have permanent abode in some people’s hearts and minds. These are demons that thrives inside many people and not from outside of them. The demons can only be routed out by a true-rebirth by the Holy Spirit of God.

1. Lack of love – those who complain about not being loved, usually lack submission themselves. Loving is not restricted to a gender. Love is reciprocal. What you do not give, you cannot get back! Husbands need be loved as much as wives want to be. True Love is more than displayed emotions. It is also a conscious laying down of personal choices and preferences, as JESUS did for the world while we remained sinful. John 13:34, Rom. 12:10

2. Lack of submission – those who ask, command and clamor others to submit often lack self-confidence, are egoistic, insecure, low-self esteemed and do not understand what true LOVE is. Husbands need to submit as much as wives need to. Gal. 5:13, Eph. 4:2-3, 1 Peter 1:22

3. Hardness of heart – Hardened heart is born out of wrong and contrived convictions. Many are so convinced of the LIES they believed that they become ruthlessly wrong in their marital approaches. And if the heart is wrong, everything else will be wrong about that person. As a man or woman thinks, so is he or she! Prov. 23:7, Mk 10:5, Rom 2:5

4. Selfishness – Everyone is naturally full of self. It takes deliberate effort to make oneself come second to another. Self-ish-ness is the reason Adam and eve fell. Adam used the word “I” for the first time on his downward spiritual spiral, spiritual downfall. When “I” is pre-eminent in anyone’s conversation and it re-occurs so many times per second, then Pride cannot be ruled out. And pride heralds the downfall of “us”. Check out reason for most singleness, separation and divorce, it is embedded in “I”ism. Romans 12:10,1 Pet 3:8, 1 John 4:7

5. Cares of this world – that seem to explain itself. It is about those who are not guided by eternal mindset. It is about people who are less concerned about things from above. They like to live and enjoy physical life “to the max.” They are not guided by Godly marital principles. They will not be ONE-FLESH with their mate. Matt 13:22, Gen 2:24
6. Lusts of the eyes and flesh – this if for those who rely on and are guided by their physical senses. They are driven by body chemistry. The eye-gate being the most prominent driving force. They live by sensual or sense-full “wisdom.” They ought to live by divinely empowered insights and allow their marital decisions be guided by same. 1 John 2:16, James 3:15, James 3:13-18

7. Deceitfulness of riches –being rich is not the problem that is being mentioned here, it is about the deception surrounding riches, the absolute trust in, the illusions, and the exalting- riches-above-relationship problem. Mk 4:19, Luke 12:16-21

8. Pride of Life – these are the arrogant ones. They claim to have the highest standard that other in relationship must follow. They ride the other and expect to be bowed to as the most relevant ones. The problem is not the maintaining of standard, it is that they self-define the standard and expect it to be adhered to. Nothing is more demonic than pride. It is the devil in full manifestation. Remember how Lucifer tried to redefine heaven’s standard? Isaiah 14: 12-16, Prov. 16:18, Prov. 29:23, 1Jn 2:16

Pray like I pray for myself, saying – My father and my God, I ask that you help me to function fully in the mindset of Christ JESUS; that is a mind of humility and peace-seeking. Lord JESUS I submit my life to you and ask that you replace my self-will, my sensual wisdom, my arrogance and my pride with more of you and your nature. I crave a working marital relationship and I ask that you help me conform to all requirements necessary. Help me Lord to define my life better than I do it for myself. In JESUS name I prayed. Amen.



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